Windows 10 ROM For Xiaomi Mi4 To Be Available On June 1; Reports

Topic related to the Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10 ROM availability. Microsoft and Xiaomi partnership in developing and releasing a compatible Windows 10 ROM for the most popular flagship, the Mi 4 was approved in March. Xiaomi isn’t though participating in the project and supporting it, but the Chinese manufacturer is still eager on giving the Mi users rich ROM options.

Given that by Microsoft to Xiaomi’s Mi4 users a welcome to try the new ROM and it seems this project development is now wrapping up. However, this will definitely won’t boost the Windows popularity, though the dare need of bigger market share. Redmond-based software giant also plans to release such ROMs for the ZTE Nubia 9 and of course for other smartphone vendors as well.

Windows 10 is obviously going to be the universal operating system, rolled out for smartphones as Windows 10 Mobile, desktop PCs, tablets etc. Should create a lot more opportunities and far better integration Windows-running desktops, slates and phones to say some.

Microsoft’s Xiaomi user group announced the Mi4-compatible Windows 10 ROM will become available for download starting June 1st 2015. To get Windows 10 ROM for Xiaomi Mi4, you can sign up from right here and be among those first to grab it.

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