Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Download, Release Date Details Revealed

Microsoft has already started working on the next major Windows 10 update, but the Spring Creators Update will launch in April. Continuing its ongoing aim to release a new, updated version of Windows 10 more regularly than you likely change your boots, Microsoft is planning to release the latest Creators update next month. Here are the details and speculation you definitely need to know about its progression.

The software giant hasn’t officially revealed its name, but the company is likely to label it the Spring Creators Update. The news comes following a blog post on the topic, posted today, which provides a timetable for future releases of Windows through October 2019.

Microsoft also provides a Windows 10 overview that includes the April release date and plans to support the OS version until the given timeframe. The next update to Windows 10 is included in that table, listed, and although we do not officially confirm what the release will be called. But the folks over at The Verge report that we can expect Microsoft to simply label it as the Spring Creators Update.

In fact, Microsoft is said to indeed be getting ready to finalize the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update by the end of next week, allowing the company to get a release out to customers in time to meet that April timescale that it has now set for itself.

It’s also said that the company typically ships it to customers a few weeks later, Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will include new features like Timeline, HDR support, improved DPI support, and Fluent Design changes to the overall design of the operating system. The changes which ticked are also expected, altering the overall look and feel of Windows yet further.

Microsoft has now started testing its next Windows 10 update, codenamed Redstone 5. This update is also expected to feature tabs in the File Explorer as well as other Windows apps system-wide, much like macOS.

For now, this is it and once we have everything on the Spring Creators Update or as Microsoft announces it, we expect to start hearing more about it ahead of that April launch window, we’ll let you know.

(Source: The Verge)

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