WinterBoard Update For iOS 9 Brings Best Themes Available On Cydia

For iOS 9 jailbroken users we here got some good news and that is about some popular and much-loved packages that haven’t been updated to support for the latest firmware. Although, the jailbreak for iOS 9 supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices running iOS 9.0.1 and 9.0.2, but not iOS 9.1. Now that we are starting to see developers pushing out iOS 9 compatibility at an accelerated rate, which means the favorite Cydia tweaks hasn’t received support yet, chances are it will very soon.  One of such made completely compatible with iOS 9, would be the WinterBoard theming package for iOS.

WinterBoard installation was been seen on most of the jailbroken devices since the early days of iOS. Followed by DreamBoard. In fact, it still manages to offer support from iOS 2.0, all the way through to latest jailbroken version of iOS 9.0.2. Jay Freeman, who is more commonly known as Saurik in the online world, has pushed out an update to Winterboard, bringing the package to version 0.9.3919, and stating that it includes “the smallest possible update for iOS 9.”

The WinterBoard update may be small and may represent a simple compatibility release, and simply want functioning bug-free on their Jailbroken iOS 9 hardware, this latest version come with additional power. Version 0.9.3919 essentially fixes the theming of the calendar icons, and also fixes the Spotlight crashing bug. Overall, users should be able to work with WinterBoard without running into problems from now on.

For those who really want to give their iOS 9 devices a major graphical and visual overhaul, this updated version is now available directly from Cydia. WinterBoard follows on from the previous versions in that it no longer contains a separate app icon that can be invoked from the Home screen. To enable, disable, or change the order that upgraded iOS 9 themes are applied, users need to access the WinterBoard preferences from within the native on the iOS device.

Here are 10+ awesome iPhone WinterBoard themes for iOS 9 that can be found in Cydia and all of them will work just fine on iOS 9.0.2.

1. Ace iOS 9 Theme

Ace iOS 9 Theme

2. GraN1gHt iOS 9 Skin

GraN1gHt iOS 9 Skin

3. DReD9 Theme

DReD9 Theme

4. DReD9 Orange-Iconomatic Theme

DReD9 Orange-Iconomatic Theme

5. Cerk0L-9 Iconomatic


6. Cerk0L Remix


And there we have it. 6+, iOS 9-compatible themes for iPhone that will keep you going for a little while yet. Enjoy. Update follow….

For tutorials on how to jailbreak iOS 9, 9.0.1, 9.0.2:

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