Oppo 5x Dual Camera Zoom Unveiled: World’s First Prototype Introduced At MWC 2017

OPPO has made its new 5x Dual Camera Zoom system official at MWC 2017 event in Barcelona. It is a new camera technology named Dual Camera Zoom, introduced as the world’s first kind that comes with 5x zoom, periscope style. Here are the details.


As promised, Oppo has announced its all-new 5x Smartphone Photography tech dubbed 5x Dual Camera Zoom prototype, which will debut on the company’s phones later this year. The same Chinese manufacturer last year took the new hardware device, unveiled its Super VOOC Flash Charge battery technology. This year with another new tech sports a periscope-style setup.

Oppo’s new 5x Dual Camera Zoom system is claimed to kill the need of camera bumped at the back with its sleek 5.7mm thickness. What’s unfortunate is that, the company hasn’t given any release date on when the new camera tech can be expected on its smartphones. It’s highly possible that OPPO uses the new 5x Dual Camera Zoom module on its 2017 flagship phones.

Revealed that the new optical zoom smartphone technology was initially developed by the company’s engineers, which it took over a year to bring it to final stage. The 5x Dual Camera Zoom system packs more than 50 parts – stacked in a 5.7mm module. Oppo’s new camera system although diverts light through a prism into a stabilized telephoto lens set at a 90-degree angle. Furthermore. the 5x Dual Camera Zoom system utilizes Oppo’s “proprietary image fusion technology for digital zoom.” The prism will be able to rotate in increments of 0.0025 degrees delivering up to 40% better performance than that of last-gen OIS, allowing for precise tuning which also compensates for vibrations with a two-part optical stabilization system that fine-tunes the lens.


Sky Li, VP, Oppo, MD of International Mobile Business & President of Oppo India said:

“We are definitely putting a stake in the ground in terms of technological breakthroughs for mobile photography. The dual cameras with wide-angled and telephoto lens, together with the periscope-style construction, our image fusion technology and the Optical Image Stabilization, edges mobile photography even closer to what digital cameras are capable of doing. Our 5x Dual-Camera Zoom will again set yet another technological standard that others will emulate.”

Also confirmed that the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology was developed in partnership with an Israeli startup named Corephotonics, a company that is capable of making dual camera setups for smartphones earlier this year that managed to raise a whopping $15 million in a funding round. By the way, the main and biggest investors in the company includes Foxconn, Samsung, and MediaTek.


For that, Oppo confirmed to CNET that it licensed the original patent from Corephotonics, and has applied for 50 new patents now. In fact, Oppo didn’t reveal the resolution of the camera sensors or when we can expect in its smartphones. Hope the next-generation F-Series will have this technology internally.

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