Worth Checking Out: The World’s Cheapest iPhone Clone, The $4 Freedom 251 Mobile [Video]

Strange enough. How come the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 phone for India worthy. With the price of just $4, the mobile has has a lot going for it. Registration page on Freedom251.con hasn’t yet gone live, as the Noida-based smartphone manufacturer assumes that it will be going to open very soon. As the gimmick starts with 6 lakh hits in just a second. Sample devices have even started to show up at various sources and we admit this is real. Like, authentic.


Things like these tends to prove, but nothing is available as a free lunch. Or, more specifically, there’s no such thing as a $4 smartphone without a good dose of copyright infringement thrown in for real measure. Now we here have Freedom 251.

With several websites showing off the sample devices which appear in video and photos across, become clear that Ringing Bells has taken the iPhone and copied it in not only hardware design, but software as well. Starting with the hardware.

The Freedom 251 bears more than a tiny resemblance to that of iPhone 5, and it even sports a metal ring around the home button that makes it look a like this thing has Apple’s Touch ID. The 4-inch screen and proportions make the whole $4 package look distinctly iPhone-like, though this is far from the first smartphone to fall into the country. Similar fashion, HTC’s One A9 caused a bevy of websites around the web to compare its design to that of Apple’s iPhone 6s / 6. Actually, the Taiwan-based maker suggests that Apple copied its design.


As far it is a budget smartphone. Software-wise, things aren’t any better for the affordable phone. In fact, rather than simply borrow its icon designs from iOS like so many iPhone competitors have done, Ringing Bells simply looking to save some money and rather than have a designer rip off Apple’s icons, it’s far simple store them wholesale. The camera app, photo gallery, web browser qnd allk feature icons more than that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who already set eyes on an iPhone or an iPad. Fancy?

(Via: Gadgets 360 [YouTube])

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