Xbox One X Specs, Release Date, And More Announced, Details Here

The Xbox One X is now official. Specs, release date, price and everything have been announced as well. Here are the details.

After months of speculation, Microsoft has finally introduced its “Project Scorpio” games console, officially named Xbox One X. At E3’s press briefing for Xbox, Microsoft unveiled the final design and name, along with final technical specifications, features, launch date, pricing, games library and many other details of the so called very powerful game console ever made.

Codenamed Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X will be the successor to both Xbox One S (launched last year) and to that of Xbox One (launched late 2013). Now that Microsoft has revealed the design, Xbox One X’s design looks very similar to One S but in black finish instead of white and amazingly, it’s conjures in a smaller body than One S despite all that power. In fact Microsoft went to say so far that this is the smallest, most powerful console they have ever made to date.

Thanks to the new Scorpio engine that makes Xbox One X more powerful hardware offering a true 4K gaming experience. As far as the technical specs and features go, Xbox One X features octa-core CPU and 6 teraflops of graphical power compared to 4.2 on Sony’s PS4 Pro for accurate native 4K games at 60fps. The custom GPU engine design by Microsoft that is powering One X runs at 1172MHz compared to 011MHz on PS4 Pro and Xbox One S’s 853MHz. There’s still 12GB of GDDR5 RAM as well, 9GB of which is dedicated to games of running them smoothly.

The major point to note is that. All the above mentioned technical aspects makes Xbox One X 40% more powerful than any other game console on the market today.

There aren’t many external changes over the Xbox One S design, but the X simply gets a little smaller. For now, Microsoft is only shipping the Xbox One X with the black design and 1TB of storage. Moreover with a HDMI-in port and no dedicated Kinect port. The Xbox One X also features support for HDR and Premium Dolby Atmos, has a 1TB HDD as standard in base model, and a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive just like on One S and will be fully backwards compatible with all Xbox One/Xbox One S games, all Xbox One.Xbox One S accessories, and the existing library of Xbox 360 backwards compatible games for Xbox One. Not just that, all Xbox One games will have visual improvements even on 1080p TVs and faster load times on Xbox One X.

Microsoft has 22 “console launch exclusives” arriving on the Xbox One X, including Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport 7, and Sea of Thieves.  One of the first titles for the new console is Forza Motorsport 7, running at native 4K and 60fps, which is the game for Xbox One X (Firza Motorsport 7) will debut on October 3rd.

Xbox One X will launch worldwide this holiday season, November 7th to be exact, for a retail price of $499 compared to $399 PS4 Pro and $249 Xbox One S.

Microsoft also tipped 42 new games for Xbox One X, One S and One, twenty two of them being exclusive to Xbox. Also coming are original (OG) Xbox games to Xbox Backward Compatibility program for Xbox One, One S and One X, starting with Crimson Skies. Microsoft also has more than 30 third-party titles that will be updated with the Xbox One X Enhanced program.

The new Xbox One X will now debut globally on the given date, which is priced at $499, £449, 499 euro, 599 Canadian dollars, and 649 Australian dollars.

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