Xiaomi Is Reportedly Building Its Own Smartphone Processors

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi seems to be developing its own kind of processors, as many companies are moving away from Qualcomm chispets. With all the lawsuits being brought against major mobile chip maker Qualcomm, which made smartphone makers no better time to explore other CPU options. According to The Wall Street Journal, Xiaomi may be building its own custom CPUs for an upcoming phone. Here are the details you need to know as we reach out to Xiaomi for confirmation, and have yet to hear back.


If and if Xiaomi planning to start making its own processor, then, there could be a better chance for the company benefit from its developing unit and its customers. Why because, it will likely be cheaper to make smartphones with the company’s own chips, instead of buying them from Qualcomm o other third-party suppliers. Either way it would also allow Xiaomi to sell their devices at even more competitive and affordable prices than before.

This move by Xiaomi may join other handset makers from the world, such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei – make their own chips. Custom chips could also let Xiaomi build up with creative features to help its phones stand out. While Huawei uses its own Kirin processor in the Mate 9 and the hardware integration enabled the company to make the phone artificially intelligent like Galaxy Note 7. Indeed, thanks to the Kirin CPUs, the Mate 9 is able to learn your habits over time to optimize performance.

If Xiaomi is really moving forward to make its own processors, then it is also codenamed Pinecone, released in a month or so, expected to be unveiled at some point in March 2017. Currently, Xiaomi uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors for its phones and with its own processors it’s planning to reduce the reliance on the chip maker.

The chipset from Xiaomi is said to be the product of Beijing Pinecone Electronics, a company collaborated with Xiaomi that tied partnership from a $15 million technology buy out from Datang subsidiary Leadcore Technology Ltd. It seems like Xiaomi will have to ensure its components that can measure up to the competition, though.

In addition to Huawei, Samsung also makes its own Exynos chip, and it took both brands some time to get their processors to perform comparably to Qualcomm’s higher-end Snapdragon options. Given the fact that Xiaomi’s relative lack of experience in the field, it’s hard to judge if its chep will be capable of standing up against its rivals.

For now, this is it! As soon as we get any information regarding Xiaomi’s own chips, we’ll let you know through update. Stay tuned!

Update x1: Xiaomi’s Pinecone processor could the first one that’s used inside the Xiaomi Mi6?

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