Xiaomi Mi And Redmi Smartphones Go Up On Sale In The US For First Time

The world’s third biggest smartphone maker Xiaomi is going to sell their phones made by China company in the United States for the first time. According to the carrier US Mobile, it would be importing a range of Xiaomi Redmi and Mi handsets from China and will be setting then for sale in the U.S. online this week.

Unfortunately, it is said there won’t be any latest devices such as the high-end Mi Note and Note Pro in the imported phones from China to US. Furthermore, the phones will not even support the high-speed 4G LTE networks in the US. The US Mobile carrier also added that it would be also selling a handset from another Chinese manufacturer, Miezu alongside Xiaomi phones.

While the Xiaomi is widely described as China’s Apple and been most popular in the regions where it can have its grip, like the regions in Asia and became one of the best smartphone makers for its affordable price, which it sells at a fraction of the cost of an iPhone.

The Beijing-based vendor launched an online store for US customers offering products such as headphones. In April, it introduced Mi 4i in India, tops the market after mainland China, before launching its phones to markets in Hong Kong, Brazil and Singapore.

Virtually, it is impossible to buy Xiaomi’s phones in the US until this week. later on you are free bird to grab them all.

“US consumers have traditionally had to compromise to afford incredible devices,” said US Mobile founder and chief executive Ahmed Khattak.

“Now, with the launch of our marketplace, we are thrilled to offer complete range of exceptional smartphones for low monthly payments and to give our customers access to exceptional phones otherwise not available in the US”.

The US Mobile uses the T-Mobile network and prides itself on providing its consumers inexpective contract free services for all kinda kinds of handsets. The carrier however has said that it would provide service and full support for the Chinese-Xiaomi made phones in the nation.

List Of Phones that US Mobile would make available online would include the Xiaomi Redmi 2 for $119 (£82.50), the Xiaomi Mi 3 for $135, the Meizu Note 2 for $149, and the Xiaomi Mi 4 for $219.

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