Xiaomi Mi Drone With 4K Capture Launched In China, Priced At Rs 25,600 Approximately

The China-based manufacturer Xiaomi is not only in smartphone or tablet section, but also introduced its own Drone. First ever flying machine that comes with the support for 4K video recording and other best capabilities. The overall design of the Xiaomi’s Mi Drone is in line with what has already been reported earlier. Although Xiaomi says the device has all been inspired by a “dragonfly”. More details on this can be grabbed right after this jump!

Developed by Xiaomi’s ecosystem partner Flymi and the new Mi Drone is not coming with a cheaper price-tag, though. With that said, the Xiaomi’s drones are an expensive toy for many, that’s why it decided to enter the field in order to change it. Finally took the wraps of an all-new Mi Drone in China.

Prices for Mi Drone starts from 2,499 Yuan, which translates it to an approximate of Rs 25,600 in India and $380 in the US. This drone can be controlled with a remote controller, which lets users maneuver the drone, but also take photos, record videos and the whole technology features like automatic take-off, landing or homing. About the Drone’s remote controller, it features a PCB antenna that helps flying the machine at a distance of up to three kilometers, almost 2 miles.

You being the owner of Mi Drone can even connect your smartphone to the controller and see what exactly the hardware sees in the real-time. Using the GPS tracking system, you can track the drone’s location as well, and also get updates on its power status. If it goes out of your reach and the connected range or runs low on battery power, the drone automatically fly back to the position where it took off from. Clever!

The Mi Drone comes with a range of flight assistance systems that makes it easier for amateurs to fly it. These features include automatic take off and landing as well as homing system which can also be used to call the drone back to your standing place at a press of a button. It’s so simple to take control over Mi Drone now. For professionals, this Xiaomi Drone also allow one to chart a route and trajectory before flight.

Taking the photography capabilities inside the Mi Drone, it will come in two different variants. One model is capable of recording 4K videos, and the other is able to only record full HD 1080p videos at 60fps. Both the camera modules feature three-axis image stabilization, with a speed of nearly 2,000 corrections per second.


The 4K-enabled Mi Drone is priced at 2999 Yuan (US$460 / INR 30,700 approx). Apart that, the Mi Drone is a quadcopter with four propellers and a camera underneath them, which are very sleek with a body wall thickness of only 1.2mm, but nevertheless it boasts a high-strength structural design. It is a bit portable flying machine to be easily carried around in a bag.

Much of the Mi Drone weight is due to the massive 5100mAh battery, but upside is a flight time of about 27 minutes. That is more than what a DJI-built drone manages. It seems likely that Xiaomi’s new entry into the drone ecosystem is a huge boost to the space. In fact IDC analyst Bryan Ma predicts that around 4232,000 camera drones will ship in China this year, up from 100,000 last year.

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