Xiaomi Mi Max 2 With 6.44-Inch Display, 5000mAh Battery To Drop Next Week

It was last year, Xiaomi rolled out a slew of high-end smartphones. Includes the Mi Note 2 to the much-acclaimed Mi Mix. But only made available in China. In February, we just heard about a Mi Max 2 with a flourish 6 gigs of RAM and even more abundant 6.44-inch display. Now, it appears the device leaked earlier could be just a week away from its grand unveiling.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Launch Date Leaked Out
Before we go detailing about the newly leaked Mi Max 2 specs, we have to make a note of Xiaomi Mi6 flagship, is expected to be showcased on April 19, exactly one week from now. Apparently, we could also see the launch of Mi Max 2, actually slated for a May release by the rumor mill, but it may instead coincide with the upcoming flagship.

The Mi Max 2 in this case is a big deal and in size, quietly, it most certainly will be. With the large display, se to be a FHD 1080p offering. The Mi Max 2 could be kitted out with a gorgeous 5000mAh battery. That’s not all, but taking into consideration the middling Snapdragon 626 processor of the Standard model, the Max 2 should run for substantial lengths of time between charge.

Although the Mi Max 2 is speculated with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and will be graced supposedly with Android 7.1 Nougat right of the bat. Along with the aforementioned Standard variant, there’s also said to a Higher-end version of the Mi Max 2 with improved chipset – could be a Qualcomm SD660. From what we can gather, the two configurations will otherwise be identical, though, no surprise if the higher model includes other perks.

Price-wise, the entry-level version is set to retail at the most $217, with the top-end gear offering likely to weight in at around $246.

Stay tuned for more! As soon as we get any thing official from Xiaomi regarding the new Mi6/6 Plus or Mi Max 2, we’ll definitely update and share it here at TechGiri.

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