Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 With New Softer Fabric Casing Is A Cheap Headset

Xiaomi has introduced its newest Mi VR Play 2 headset in China, as the successor to the original VR Play. Here are the full details, comparison, and more.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 Will Be Available On April 19
The new Virtual Reality headset from Xiaomi doesn’t have a zipper design but the outer casing made of a light-weight and soft fabric so that the entire gadget weighs in at just 183 grams. The new Mi VR Play comes with somewhat extra comfort, having a cloth-like fabric for a better VR experience, the headset is much lighter than its predecessor. The best part about the Mi VR Play 2 will be that it is extremely affordable for all those who want to rejoice VR without having to use cardboard.

The newly launched VR Play 2 can fit phones from 4.5-inch-to-5.7-inches in size, it does work like Google Daydream View but there’s no wireless remote with the headset. It’s a lot lighter and comes with “invisible” cooling holes for better air circulation around your face while you’re using it. Xiaomi says it is also made easier to insert your phone into the headset.

All in all the design of this headset offers good ventilation, which has 268 stealth holes to effectively prevent the phone getting heat and enhance the cooling. Also, it comes with anti-reflective aspheric lenses that promises the best clarity. Around the lenses there is a microporous woven foam material to increase ventilation and comfort.

The new Mi VR Play is also very easy to clean and it’s elastic headset is strong enough and durable when compared to its predecessor. On the top you will find a button which acts like a navigation button that interacts with your smartphone during VR experience.

Mi VR Play 2 top gear
Xiaomi Mi VR app offers videos from Chinese online video services and it serves as the successor to the original VR Play, which was released last year.

The second generation is very affordably priced, just like the model it’s replacing. Those living in China will be able to grab Mi VR Play 2 for just CNY 99 ($14 or €13 at the current exchange rates). In India it costs around Rs. 930 if launched.

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 will go on sale in China on April 19, the date also expected to unveil Xiaomi Mi6 / 6 Plus.

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