Xiaomi Mi6 Allegedly Scores Record-Breaking 210329 Points On AnTuTu, Mi MIX In US Details

Don’t hold your breath for a US Xiaomi phone in 2017, as the Chinese company has teased a gorgeously looking, white, nearly bezel-less version of its kind. Talking about the Xiaomi Mi MIX. Announced this version of Mi MIX phone with razor-thin bezel and unique call technology at the giant CES 2017 tech show in Las Vegas. Continues its trends with the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi6 on AnTuTu makes Xiaomi, a company is gearing up its products range worldwide as well.

Two reports surfaced on Xiaomi’s Mi MIX and the Mi6 smartphone of 2017. First of all, we have hear details on the Mi MIX US launch. A promising Xiaomi product that you won’t be able to get your hands on for some time. “We don’t have any specific-enough plans yet that we’re comfortable talking about yet,” Xiaomi’s global VP, Hugo Barra said. About bringing a phone to the US, dispelling previous suggestions that Xiaomi would start selling them stateside by the end of this year.

Barra also said this, “Eventually we’ll make our way over here.”

Not only Xiaomi, there are other Chinese phone makers set on winning customers in the fiercely demanding US market, with the likes alongside of Huawei, ZTE and relative newcomer OnePlus. But all those companies are already selling their unlocked devices, Xiaomi has yet to directly compete with. It’s won’t be that easy, as not in the market where Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S range dominate the area.

Second one is about the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset powered Mi6 smartphone, was just detailed at CES this year. The next non-phablet Xiaomi flagship that will actually look a smaller Mi Note 2, while its official announcement could take place on February 6th. Sales would probably start earlier than March.

Thanking Weibo user in China, for the information he shared have gotten access to a screenshot showing the AnTuTu benchmark score for a prototype Mi6. Shared by a friend who has the handset. Here’s what its scores looks like?

If that aforementioned is of Mi6 benchmarks that even having launched yet. A 210,329 score is in fact, broke the earlier record set by the iPhone 7 Plus at 183,106. If that’s all becomes true and accurate, then the Mi6 with SD835 SoC will be a beast in terms of raw performance.

When compared with the OnePlus 3T with Snapdragon 821 chipset, which actually scored 163,578 at AnTuTu, Xiaomi’s Mi6 is obviously a mammoth. It does look like the Snapdragon 835 will be a massive improvement overall compared to its predecessor, and can compete with the likes of unannounced Samsung Galaxy S8.

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