Global Themes: Top 10 Best Features Of MIUI 7 Revealed [Images]

Xiaomi brings a ton of new inclusions to its MIUI powered smartphones and with the new and latest optimized version of its custom ROM, the Chinese manufacturer has delightedly brought several new features, interface tweaks and performance improvements etc. New OS with an extensive customization and a better theme engine already updated its skin package section on my Redmi 1S. What are those exclusive features that the newly announced MIUI 7 brings with it is to be checked.

The company says MIUI 7 offers up to 30% faster response time when launching system apps and a 10 percent increase in battery life for the average user.

1. MIUI 7 Theme Creator


First and foremost will be the four new system UI themes that change the way icons, menus and other graphic elements look. You can choose from Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life.



This is a new theme creation tool, let users customize the interface the way you want, complete with animations and dramatic content. Now have over 15,000 themes available in its store to download, import and apply. MUSE allows users to design themes withuout requiring any complex coding. New theme designer also allows regular users to run games on the lockscreen.


Note: To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Xiaomi has updated its theme and givenaway almost 10 themes to rejoice on their Redmi and Mi devices.

3. MIUI 7 Lockscreen [Showtime]


Which has evidently got a nifty update too. You can set it to display an animation of the current weather in your area or use replace the background with a new image every day. A new feature called Showtime lets you assign five second video loops to contacts, which apparently show up instead of a static image when they call you.

4. Performance Optimization


The MIUI 7 as aforementioned brings with it 30 percent increase in speed and doers so by optimizing the system response time in such a way that it loads both app data, app animations simultaniously.

5. Battery Life on MIUI 7

The most important consideration on any smartphone would be the Battery life. App draw as much as 48% of power consumption even during the standby when eventually accessing features like GPS, Data networks and scanning for WiFi Hostposts, VPN etc. MIUI 7 now comes with top-ups that optimizes popular apps in such manner that it reduces battery life by upto 25% which translates at around 3 hours of extra power each day.

6. MIUI 7 Built-in Data Saver


Xiaomi has also integrated Opera Max’s data saving technology, which helps reduce data usage on mobile and Wi-Fi connections across most apps by up to 50 percent. MIUI 7 makes use of Opera Max in order to save the amount of data consumed by a phone. Users can nevertheless, save up to 50% of their usage using this solution. Opera updated its service yesterday to compress videos on YouTube and Netflix. However, the data saver feature will be rolling out live in September in countries such as India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Brazil. This is a system-level feature that works across several apps, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others.

7. Auto DND Mode in MIUI 7


This is a new feature called Do Not Disturb (DND) mode employed for Mi Band that allows the phone to detect when you’re asleep and accordingly it Mute notifications and vibrations. Auto DND, which when paired with the Mi Band automatically mutes your handset when it detects that you’re asleep. Alarms that you have already setup will still go off to make sure you don’t miss out anything important.

8. Child Mode in MIUI 7


A new Child Mode is also included in the latest version of MIUI 7 OS, through which you can whitelist apps that can be accessed by children. This allows parents to restrict their child’s access to information such as texts or emails etc. You can also mute app notifications directly from the lockscreen.

9. XXL Text


MIUI 7 also offers XXL Text, which revamps the interface to correctly display larger foonts without breaking other elements. No, the new custom ROM do not come pre-installed with ‘Magic Mike XXL.’ Users can immensively adjust the text on their phones to a much bigger size that will be very easier to read and reduce strain on the reader’s eyes.

10. MIUI 7 – OTP Copy and Paste

The new ROM is very clever enough to recognize OTP passwords and let users easily copy and paste it rather than having it in your mind or memorise it, refer to it multiple times.

11. Interactive Visual Response


It’s also called Visual IVR on MIUI 7. If annoyed by any prompts that you get when you call a helpline or any automated answer machine then this feature will certainly be a lifsaver. IVR allows you quickly bypass those annoying voice prompts and instead offers you visual response lists. Available in India partnering with 50 services, such as CitiBank, Tata Sky, SpiceJet, Indigo etc.

12. Baby Album


The new Baby Album feature recognizes babies in photos and groups those pictures together so that they can easily flipped through or viewed as a slideshow on yout MIUI 7 lockscreen.

Download: MIUI 7 custom ROMs will be available in beta starting August 24 for the Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 3, Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G.

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