Xiaomi Sold Over 10 Million Mi4 Units Worldwide, Teases It With Another June 17th Unveil

The Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone is the Chinese manufacturers main stream gadget was on sale since 1 year and of course in an announcement the company has revealed that it has retailed over one crore units worldwide, which tranlates to 10 million Mi4 units. In order to celebrate this win the firm has also announced a contest to celebrate the milestone reached on 17th of June.

Xiaomi has made this announcement on its India Facebook page, where they said to be running a contest and users can post a comment replying to the following two questions and in the meantime you will need to share the post as well by tagging 3 of your Facebook friends in that post. Yes! 10! Contest ends 16th June 12 noon.

A) If you’re a Mi 4 user, share with us what you love most about your phone.
B) If you wish to own one, tell us what about the Mi 4 attracts you the most.

In the contest there will be 10 Mi4 16GB variants ready to buy and the comment should be posted before 12 noon on 16th of June. Xiaomi on the other hand also teasing an upcoming announcement which is scheduled for June 17th, and that is what we have no idea what exactly the company plans for that day. Expected to see a special color option or a new variant of the Xiaomi Mi4 in question.

So we and you wait for one more crore day celebrations and see what Xiaomi really have with it in the Mi.com stores. Stay tuned!

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