Xiaomi To Purportedly Clone iPhone’s 3D Touch For Its Next Smartphone

The “Apple of China,” Xiaomi, is reportedly said to be planning to release a smartphone with a technology, similar to 3D Touch. The firm behind the products called the Mi Phone and Mi Pad and of course the Redmi has been accused of almost duplicating Apple devices in the past, is said to have patents on a technology that while not quite 3D Touch clone, isn’t far from that.

Unheard of for a company to reproduce ideas from other companies when working on its own hardware, but Xiaomi is getting something of a reputation for out-classing even Samsung, another company with quite a reputation for taking Apple’s ideas and copying them. Samsung, is also said to have its own 3D Touch-like technology in the pipeline , which is said to use a Synaptics touchscreen controller for the next Galaxy S smartphone.

The report although comes from a well known and reliable tipster, unclear about the specfics on what the patent includes and quite how the firm will try to make its 3D Touch work.

Apple’s 3D Touch allows users to press more firmly on the iPhone’s screen in order to invoke menus or ‘Peek and Pop.’ The latter makes it possible to peek at content behind the link and then pop it into place, making it easy to preview content rather than opening it fully (shortcut). The involvement of such technology in other smartphones at this point is really more a matter of time than anything else, and no surprise should see on Both Samsung and Xiaomi working on thier own versions of it.

To experience the all-new 3D Touch by Apple, you have to buy a new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus which is not bendgate anymore. Apart this, there are other few companies of competitors trying to mimic Apple’s offering in recent history, with Samsung announcing a Pink Gold Galaxy Note 5 for its South Korean customers to quite compete against the popular Rose Gold iPhone 6s duos, and HTC taking cues from Apple’s smartphone design with the One A9. For that the Taiwanese firm counters.

(Source: Weibo)

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