First Glimpse Of Xolo Black Photo Leaked With Dual-Camera Setup [Exclusive Image]

Xolo has announced its plans regarding to unveil a new sub-brand in India, called Xolo Black. Sold exclusively only through online route, and the so called Black series is the first and foremost device will be launched later this month in June through one of the online e-commerce partners. More details on Xolo Black online-only sub can be found right after this fold.

xolo-black-coming-with Hive
This another domestic vendor last week mentioned that it would be taking on popular brands  such as Xiaomi, Motorola and OnePlus to say some, by launching an online-inited sub-brand in India, called Black. Now that the first alleged press render of the upcoming Xolo Black has been leaked.

Black will be an online only sub-brand under Xolo smartphone, with a Hive brand labled will bring a premium smartphones range to the online customers. Planning to launch the first Black edition phone on June 15. Xolo is also in talks with a telecom partner through which buyers can get their hannds-on experience before buying it.

Revealed in the past that all Black phones will essentially lie in between 10K to Rs 20,000 price mark and if Xolo gets a good response from the market, it may apparently launch Black phones in other price segments as well. As said, the forthcoming Blaxk phones will run Xolo’s own Hive UI, and will now come layered on top of Android Lollipop, as many other vendors are initiating.

Under Rs 10,000 to 20K online mobile space is currently dominated by some biggies like Xiaomi, Motorola, Asus et al, who offer the highest price ratio in their category – based on which variant customers go with. Xolo expects that the Black phones can hold their own even with a higher price tag. While many other buyers prefer to go with a cheaper phone and that too with high-end specifications in the hardware, and now a days they’re tending at 4G LTE smartphone that too with Dual SIM functionality. Here are those four key features a customer looks foir when purchasing a new handset: Camera, Industrial Design, Battery and of course Audio quality.

Under the hood, what exactly Xolo Black phones are integrated with is unkown at the far moment, but the company admits that consumer would be happy buying its next generation Black phone. It will have a dual-camera setup at the back which will offer support for depth-sensing hence offering Bokeh effect. The camera could also include click and refocus feature.

When asked the company abot its plans to sell their Black phones via an online flash sale model, Xolo official dismissed that and said they don’t believe in such “gimmicks,” after all.

The first Xolo Black smartphone will be priced under Rs 15,000, and is expected to launch later this month. Competition starts now, as there is a bit huge rivalry out there in India with Micromax Yu Yuphoria, and the company from China like Huawei and ZTE, both ready to introduce their initative sub-brands called Honor 7 and Nubia X8. Xolo is all prepared for that, as we can only expect it rom a domestic manufacturer.

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