YotaPhone 2 Gets Android Lollipop Update, White Color Option And Price Cut As Well

The YotaPhone 2 is an upgraded version over its predecessor now receives Android 5.0 Lollipop update and with bigger, better displays wrapped in a much sleeker package, it gets the new Material Design to show off. Talking about the quirky two-display phone called YotaPhone 2. Now become even more extravagant, with a new color scheme iteration. White color is that which YotaPhone 2 will be available from now. Released today and really sticks out, with all-white back side. From Russia with love! To improve the looks of the new refreshed version, buttons have been redesigned and are employed with brushed metal and the logo on the phone’s back is far different color, as well. More details on white YotoPhone 2 Android Lollipop update with price cut can be grabbed right after this jump.


With front and back display (dual-display) deployed with e-ink technology and that too in white color option. YotaPhone 2’s new color has also been extended to the E-ink display, which now features a white theme, essentially, inverts the color scheme of the UI, making for a more natural overall look. It is also noted that it still has black bezels. According to Yota, this was a conscious decision and is aimed to improve apparent contrast on the main AMOLED display.

The all-new YotaPhone 2 in white brings more than just a new face to the shelves. Software updates are plentiful and a result from feedback of current users. Can now update to the latest version of Android Lollipop OTA. Cutom software and UI for the E-inck screen is also centered, bundled in what is called the YotaHub. New software update will be available for both black YotaPhone 2, white versions of the phone, so the existing users won’t be left out.


The new update is particularly intented at making the back side of the device more stellar and useful. New apps are also available for the E-ink interface, such as few new social full-sized widgets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – to pull up new content as often as every 15 minutes and even have actiobale shortcuts.

Specifications other than that include new ultimate apps like YotaRemote for controlling a smartTV over WiFi, a new Gmail widget, improved YotaNotes with Google Drive integration and YotaSports (powered by EuroSport), which eventually pulls live match scores and other features.

Finally, the new white skin YotaPhone is also getting a price cut of £440 in the UK. Slashed by £115. For the rest of Europe the discount is about €100 for an end price of €599 (£555) down from €699. This applies to both the black and white versions of YotaPhone 2.


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