YotaPhone 3 Said To Be Still In Development, Stay Tuned For More Info

According to a recent message sent out regarding YotaPhone 3 on Instagram by the official YotaPhone account seems to be still on the way. The message however explains that the company is working hard in “developing the third generation of the YotaPhone“, but no firm details on when the YotaPhone 3 hardware will become available were provided as yet. Instead the social media message simply asks those interested, to stay tuned for more details.


Specifically, the YotaPhone 3 was not mentioned though, rather the translated message does clearly states that this is a “third generation device‘ which certainly lead to the assumption that it wil be the YotaPhone 3. In contrast to the first of a new line of smartphones from the YotaPhone firm, not to mention the fact that the message came through the company’s official and dedicated account particularly. Also Read: YotaPhone 2 Now Available For Grabs In China, Goes On Sale At $788 USD

Although, it’s worth noting that this is a smartphone that has alleged to be in development for quite some time now. We have a very little on this phone since 2015. Back then, during May of 2015, Yota did confirm that they were indeed working on the successor, the YotaPhone 3. By September of the same year, there seemed to be some discrepancy as to whether the YotaPhone 3 would run on Android or Jolla. Also Read: YotaPhone 2 Gets Android Lollipop Update, White Color Option And Price Cut As Well

In this case, the suggested arrival time was also being touted as ‘in 2016’. Inspite of it now being near the end of Q1 of 2017, there has been nothing coming through on an upcoming YotaPhone. That is, until this message. Also Read: Cadenza: Turing Phone With Dual Snapdragon 830s, 12GB RAM, 60MP Camera, 1TB Storage, 4 SIM Cards Support Announced

There was considerable attention when the YotaPhone’s first devices launched in the range, as unlike most other gadgets at the time, the YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2 had a very unique selling point – it came with two displays. And not like two displays that you will be finding on the likes of the HTC U Ultra or the LG V20. Instead, the YotaPhone range came with a standard LCD screen on the front and an e-ink display on the rear, which definitely made these displays very unique looking and functioning devices.

Needless to say, a third-generation YotaPhone boasting a similar feature addition with updated specs and capabilities, would likely garner just as much attention if and when it is released. Yota mentioned, those who are interested in any new developments – might want to stay tuned to the company’s social media accounts for further information.

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