You Can Download Final Fantasy IX For iOS And Android Right Now [Costs $17]

Althogh it was announced that the Final Fantasy IX, one of the best games, is coming to PC and smartphones running iOS and Android at some point in 2016. Has now been made available for download.

Square Enix has finally released Final Fantasy IX game title for Android, iPhone and iPad, but unfortunately the game-maker didn’t announce a western release though, but it’s safe to say one follow, given that every other Final Fantasy mobile and PC. Final Fantasy IX is the ninth installment in the series, released by Square in 2000 and today landed on as a classic role-playing game on Android and iOS platforms.

The Final Fantasy title was originally introduced at the turn of the century for the iconic stock Sony PlayStation where it managed to coillect and continue to have a cult following of fans all over the world. In an effort to take the iOS and Android world by storm, Square Enix has indeed worked tirelessly to breathe new life into the classic Final Fantasy title. Still got a number of unqie features baked into the game that will appeal to those hardcore mobile gamers a big deal.


Additionally, Square Enix has included a number of new entries into the new Final Fantasy IX reboot in addition to the original gameplay. Those downloading the title on an iOS or Android mobile, can expect to come up against a number of additional challenges that are specifically designed to unlock in-game achievements. With the inclusion of 7 new game booster, such as a rapid-pace “high-speed” mode, the Final Fantasy IX also gets modern inclusions such as auto-save features and dramatically improved cut scenes that certainly makes use of the modern hardware and display capabilities that ship with modern mobile phones.


The ninth Story itself remains true to be the original and focuses on the original content. The gameplay zooms in on a thief named Zidane who is thrust into the middle of a war between two powerful factions after he decides to kidnap Princess Garnet. Took decision to kidnap the heir of Alexandria, you kind of expect to find yourself in a little bit of hot water. Of course, there are mini games, the ability to combine equipment together to perform special abilities, the ever present “Trance” mode, and a chance to earn new abilities that lead to additional customizations all over the Final Fantasy IX world.

Don’t mind! Downloaders of the title can expect to have to part with a bit hefty $16.99, which is actually 20% off the original price. Discounted until February 21 and the fact that the title itself is 2GB in size and will obviously take a lot more space when fully installed on your mobiles. But it’s not just the case, but depends on the device you are installing Final Fantasy IX game on. iOS 7 or above running on an iPhone or iPad are supported. For Android 4.1 or newver.

(Download: Final Fantasy IX for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store)
(Download: Final Fantasy IX for Android from Google Play)

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