Apple Launches Public Beta Of OS X 10.11 El Capitan, iOS 9 Download For Free

Not the new set of developer builds released yesterday, we are talking about the new iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan pubic betas now available to download. The pre-release software is available for free immediately to anyone with compatible iOS and Mac hardware, which Apple has launched its beta program for public for both upcoming operating system. It isn’t new to OS X as Yosemite also got a public beta program last year, it is completely new to iOS with iOS 9 being the first beta version of Apple’s mobile OS available to test for public.

OS X El Capitan, which was formerly introduced and demonstrated at WWDC 2015 in San Fransisco, is the continuation of OS X Yosemite. iOS 9, which was also first announced during the same keynote, on the other hand is the next step for Apple’s mobile platform. Final version of both will be available to download this fall.

Three developer builds were released thus far as only betas of both El Capitan and iOS 9. Those beta versions are only accessible through registered developer program license, gave OS X and iOS devs a chance to not only test their own apps and software but also report any immediately visible interface and logic bugs. Those initial developer only preview were also issued to allow critical bugs to be fixed so that Apple could issue a publicly available beta as promised during the WWDC event.

The OS X El Capitan won’t be exactly what you would call an eveluationary progression of Apple’s Mac operating system, but nevertheless contains varying feature enhancements to act as a worthy replacement for Yosemite. OS X 10.11 will ship with numerous key feature improvements such as split-screen apps when in full-screen modew, a more clever multi-tasking experience, public transit information in the native Maps app, as well as significant performance improvements under the hood. Accessing email, opening PDFs and many other interesting tasks are now more faster with OS X 10.11.

Whereas the iOS 9 is visually very similar to iOS 8, except for brand new system-wide font and some minor visual tasks here and there. Key cahnges include a smarter Proactive Siri assistant and brand new multitasking for iPad among other inclusions.

New iOS 9 Features

  • Notes app – make lists, format text, doodle on a blank canvas, and insert images.
  • Siri New UI – a new user interface is displayed when activating voice dictation and Siri.
  • New Siri functionality – set reminders from text messages and more.
  • New Spotlight Search – swipe right on home screen to activate new Spotlight with suggestions on people to contact, apps to launch, nearby places, and news.
  • Proactive Assistant.
  • Apple Pay on lock screen – double pressing home button while on lock screen to bring Apple Pay interface, depending on your security settings.
  • Passbook is renamed Wallet.
  • New App Switcher – iOS 9 app switcher gets a new look from older iOS versions.
  • Six-digit passcodes – instead of using 4-digit passcode, you will now be using 6-digit passcodes for more security.
  • Settings Search – Capability of quickly searching in Settings app using search bar.
  • Low-Power Mode – extend  your device’s battery life by enabling this feature in new Battery settings.
  • Go Back – when tapping on a notification that takes you into a new app, you’ll now have a button top left of the status bar to get back to the previous app.
  • QuickType Keyboard update – shortcut bar, easy text selection, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • iPad features – Picture in Picture, Slide View, Slide Over, QuickType features double press in notes.
  • Side switch setting – all devices including iPhones now have the ability to change whether you’d like to use the side switch as a mute switch or orientation lock switch.
  • iOS 9 has been downsized – iOS 9 only needs 1.3GB to install on your device. In comparison, iOS 8 required 4.53GB to install.

In order to get started with iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan public betas, visit:

Sseparate guides on how to download and install iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan public betas will be shared. Stay tuned!

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