You Can Now Reserve Tesla Using Apple Pay For Model X or Model S Down Payments

Want to buy a Tesla, as it is now accepting Apple Pay payments for reserving the new Model 3 or a downpayment for Model X or Model S electric vehicle. Tesla is making the process even more simple than before by starting to accept payments via Apple Pay. Here are the details.

Ordering a new Tesla has never been so easy.

Supporting Apple’s payment platform, Tesla company ramps up production of its most affordable EV yet, making Model 3 reservations easier and faster than ever. Previously, Tesla would only accept PayPal and credit cards from those who wanted to make the $1,000 reservation payment for a new Model 3, with the same limitation in place for those who were making the down payment on a Model X or Model S.

Now, the addition of Apple Pay allows consumers to make super easy payments through their iPhone, iPad, or Mac via the Tesla website. In order to buy a Tesla Model 3, you can use Apple Pay initiative.

Today’s payment option addition let’s customers quickly and easily order or reserve a new Tesla with Apple Pay on both Safari on Mac, iPhones, and iPads through Tesla’s official website. The Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable electric car to date. With many of the features only been offered by much most costly Tesla models but at a much more reasonable starting price. The same Model 3 stands to make Tesla a much common site on the roads, both at home in the United States and internationally.

If you’re thinking of ordering a Tesla, you can get free supercharging for life with this referral code for Model S and Model X vehicles.

Users in Netherlands are able to start using their devices to make Apple Pay payments which gone online, again allowing instant and contactless payments via iOS or macOS devices whether users are ordering a brand new Tesla or something else more mundane like an iPhone case.

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