You Can Now Sign Up On Cortana For iOS Beta Program Page

Microsoft has begin signing up process that will let a few iOS users test out an early beta version of its Cortana personal digital assistant ahead of its official release sometime next year. Like Siri and Google Now, Cortana is no denying that digital assistant, and have its place on today’s modern devices, but which is better? As of for Cortana, Microsoft is placing a lot pf emphasis on it’s initiative and pushing it widely with Windows 10, and no way you can best prefer it better than Apple’s Siri. Nevertheless, it looks like you’ll be soon be able to run a fairly accurate device specific test sooner rather than later to answer that extremely subjective based question.

Microsoft begins rolling out Cortana for iOS to a select few Windows Insiders in the United States and China. Cortana is of course an extremely important part of Windows 10 experience, though the software giant is keen to let the world know its very own digital assistant is now available across a huge range of tablet, smartphone, computer, and game console devices through the installation of Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Sign-ups for Cortana for iOS Beta Program are now open

The company behind it is also branching out in terms of platforms, has although been working on an iOS version of Cortana for Apple’s mobile devices. Pushing the app through internal testing, Microsoft is now trying to engage members of the Windows Insider Program by allowing them to test a beta version of the digital assistant.

In the spirit of the Windows Insider Program, we’re looking for a limited number of people to get their hands on an early version of the app. It’s important to keep in mind that this is the first public release of the Cortana for iOS beta.

With updates rolling out over the next few months to tweak features and provide any fixes to bugs found by the beta participants. Cortana for iOS may be nearing an actual public release date, and Microsoft is keen to caution those interested in the app that it could potentially come with unexpected trade-offs.

Cortana’s deep integration with Windows means that’s where she can really shine. So, while there are some features you’ll use on Windows that we don’t (yet) support on iOS phones (like saying “Hey Cortana” to wake her up), we’ve focused on making Cortana on iOS the perfect companion to your Windows experience.

It’s said that the initial beta will only be available to customers in the United States or China for the time being as mentioned. Microsoft says, that “over the coming months, we’ll continue to deliver frequent updates to the app to expand the features and functionality.”

ow to enroll your iPhone or iPad and be one of the first to test Microsoft's Cortana on Apple's"

Those who are interested in testing out Cortana for iOS and put it vs. Siri into a head-to-head battle on your iPhone, then slide over to Microsoft’s questionnaire page here to register your interest in the beta. Complete a short survey on Microsoft’s website to possibly become one of the limited access users of the beta, who will begin receiving download links in their email over the next few weeks.

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