You Will Get Remix OS 2.0 Beta For PC Download With Daul Boot Support On March 1

A new beta version of Remix OS for PCs and laptops will be available to downlad by the end of this month. Starting March 1st, 2016, you can dual boot the Remix OS 2.0 beta with 32-bit support, as the Jide Technology has announced it will be released as an OTA update and officially to grab from their website.

According to the company, “the new Beta version has a substantial number of bug fixes and an increase in device compatibility, as well as over-the-air (OTA) updates, 32-bit system support and dual boot support through a new hard drive installer tool.” “The next area [for Android] is going to be moving into the PC space,” says Ko. “Productivity is going to be key.”

It’s being an open-source project, Remix OS is same as Android, but has been tweaked to work on desktop PCs, including new UI, gets mouse clicks response and even let users take advantage of keyboard shortcuts.

remix-os-for-PC-mainIn other words, Remix OS might just make you want to put the whole Android platform on your laptop and adds all the elements you’d expect on a PC or Mac. There’s support for mice and keyboards, a windowed interface, a file manager, system bar, and a dock at the bottom of the screen for your apps. Based on Android, why it already has a bundle of apps ready to use on your machine – from Facebook and Microsoft Word to Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga gameplay.

For free of cost, Remix OS 2.0 beta turns Google’s mobile oprtaing system, Android into a desktop OS. The app ecosystem is now strong enough to support this transition, and the necessary hardware is cheap and available. However, the operating system needs more work before it’s ready for wider adoption, Jide says, and the first full release of Remix OS should be coming out in three to six months, and the company also waiting for the approval from Google to directly integrate Play Services and the Google Play Store into the OS.

Change log from Alpha to Beta:

  • Over 50 major bugs fixed
  • UEFI support added
  • 32-bit support added alongside 64-bit
  • Hard drive installer for dual boot now available
  • OTA update support
  • Natural Collaboration

Beta of Remix OS should be sideloaded at the moment, and it’s an extra bit of items for those who want to test out the software. Since most old 32-bit systems can easily run this lightweight Android-powered Remix OS. Might be worth a try? Unfamiliar with Remix OS should have already noticed the Remix Mini PC or Ultra Remix Tablet manufactured by Jide. Both of these affordable hardware options may attract the average consumer, now.


Instructions to Launch Remix OS 2.0 Beta

1. The Remix OS for PC Download pacakge must be unzipped.
2. Insert a flafh drive to your computer.
3. Open Remix OS USB Tool and follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to burn the flash drive.
4. Reboot your PC.
5. Press F12 (PC) and Option (Mac) while booting and enter Boot Menu.
6. Select “USB Storage Device” as boot option under Legacy Mode.
7. Now, either select “Guest Mode” or “Resident Mode” to satrt Remix OS.

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