Activating ‘Dark Mode’ on is now pretty easy

We all like Dark Mode and not only being an iOS users who have been dreaming about using an option for years now. The all-wanted feature has been introduced this week, as YouTube officially began rolling out a fundamental design change to the look and feel of the popular video sharing site. Implementing Material Design elements into the mix, the new version of offers up infinite scrolling along with a cleaner interface and a pretty simpler design which make things a bit easier on the eyes. In short, the new design is far less “busy.”

YouTube isn’t rolling out the design change to users by default, though. Instead, YouTube viewers keen on checking out what YouTube’s next-gen design will bring to the scene can do so by heading over to a sign up page over here. Additionally, the one rolling out is perhaps best of all, there’s now a feature which allow users to toggle a Dark Mode on and off with an ease.

Since a splash page there notes that YouTube’s final design is still a work in progress but users interested are welcome to try it out in the interim. YouTube executive Manuel Bronstein said that YouTube is very much hoping to get every one on the design carrier as soon as possible.

“From a tech and performance standpoint, there’s a lot going on under the hood that we need more time,” Bronstein said. “We hope it’s [ready] in a matter of months, we don’t want to be sitting on this for a year.”

Again, the most caring part with the new YouTube design change would be the ability to seamlessly activate a Dark Mode option. To do so, users need only to click on their user icon in the upper right hand corner and then selecting the “Dark Mode” setting.

The aforementioned steps will help you opting to it with an ease. You can also experience many more features such as a Material Design-inspired search bar, changed ‘Upload’ button, etc. Try it now!

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