Here’s YouTube iOS 11 Battery Drain Bug Fix Release, Update It Now

Those looking for the YouTube for iOS 11 battery drain bug fix gets a good news now. As here is a YouTube app update that promises a fix for iOS 11 battery drain issue.

According to YouTube, iPhone battery issues are fixed in the latest iOS 11 YouTube app update. Released for those who have been suffering from an unusually high level of battery drain on iPad and iPhone devices when watching or streaming YouTube videos. Comes an update to the app landed on the App Store which claims to address the problem.

In fact, users for the past few weeks have noticed battery drain when using the iOS YouTube app on iOS 11.x. Since it was unclear whether the issue was YouTube’s or Apple’s to fix, this latest update would suggest it was the former.

Two weeks ago, it has been highlighted that many iPhone and iPad users were seeing severe battery drain issues (the device become unnaturally warmer and battery quickly deplete as well) when playing videos in the YouTube app. An updated version of the app arrived, which promises a fix for this problem.

Actually, the YoiuTube app has always been a bit of a battery hog but there was seemingly an issue with either iOS 11 or the app code itself that modified its power usage significantly.

It all happened with several people, who previously reported that watching a 15-minute clip could use more than 10% of the iPhone’s battery and make the device get noticeably warm. This was beyond normal expectations – watching a video is not a CPU or GPU intensive task.

Finally, the release notes for version 12.45 of the YouTube app detailing that it “fixed an issue with battery drain.”

Watching a 30-minute clip had no abnormal effect on iPhone X as its using the latest YouTube update. This is a good sign at least. What do you say about it?

If you are the one going forward with the same issue. Or still seeing battery drain even if the new update has indeed fixed the battery problems for you, let us know.

Note: Now we just need to hope that whatever caused the issue does not rear its ugly face again, either when iOS is updated or YoiuTube adds new functionality to its own application in the near future.

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