YouTube For Android Gets Offline Mode In India With Material Design, Adds Serach Filters As Well

Although the Material Design makeovers of Google’s apps have already been slowly rolling out in and today’s major update is YouTube. Offline support for Android in India, it brings with like most of the Google features. Rolling out in phrases and some users have started getting notifications that YouTube videos can now be saved for offline viewing in the app.

YouTube for Android Gets Offline Video Playback in India
First time the YouTube Android app has seen any major visual changes in roughly a year. Alongside the updated YouTube app for Android also initiated with Material Design, and adds Search filters on the go.

Now the offline feature is available for YouTube for Android in India, which lets users add videos to watch it later offline by simply selecting an icon below the video or by hitting ‘Add to Offline’ from a video’s context menu. Once its added, an available offline icon will be displayed below the video. After that, you can see a separate playlist called ‘Offline’, to view all those videos that are saved to view offline.

You can also remove the saved videos if you are gone out of device space and if you have 5% of storage space remaining, you won’t be able to add videos to offline. Settings are also there, that lets you select the video quality and select option to add over Wi-Fi only.

According to YouTube, you should be Music Key subscriber and now in India it looks like its a free. Offline mode will be very useful for those users who don’t get much connectivity. Update YouTube to the latest version and try offline mode yourself.

Have you got the offline support in YouTube on your Android phone? Let us know how you are experiencing it offline. Share your thoughts via usual channels.

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