YouTube Is Top Crossing iPhone App, People Noticed A Bug Then

Did you know Apple hid an iPhone X bug on YouTube? Literally, the first time ever, YouTube becomes the top grossing iOS app in eight years.

With the iPhone X, Apple has not only introduced a new display, the OLED screen, but they have also bumped the resolution up from previous iPhone models. And of course, the handset is also made it bigger in size, too. What this exactly means is that apps designed for previous models need to be updated to take advantage of the new display.

The developers behind the Google’s YouTube app has released an update that will support the iPhone X’s new display, will also introduce a “pinch to zoom” feature in fullscreen mode. However, also due to the notch at the top of the iPhone X’s display, YouTube will default to the traditional letterbox mode which means that you will see black bars on the left and right of the video. Users have the option of zooming in with the pinch to zoom feature if they want to take advantage of the X’s edge-to-edge display.

Now that the YouTube updated app is lively available to users with iPhone X Display, should be able to find the latest via iTunes App Store. YouTube has achieved a milestone, becoming the Top Grossing Free iPhone app in the U.S. App Store for the first time, that too after 8 years.

The highest ranking YouTube had hit on the charts was #3, and the United States Top Grossing marks the first country where YouTube for iOS has reached the number one spot. It also climbing up the Top Grossing charts at a more rapid pace since the 2015 launch of YouTube Red, YouTube’s paid service that provides users with ad-free videos, music, and exclusive content. YouTube Red is priced at $9.99 per month.

Point to be noted, YouTube’s App Store revenue does not include the cash YouTube brings in through YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, Google Play, rental purchases, or money. It’s limited to YouTube Red and Super Chat, a feature that allows viewers to tip content creators during live streaming.

Problem with YouTube app as an iPhone X owner? Yes, an iOS 11 bug that was there one day is gone another. Apple hid an iPhone X bug on YouTube. Here are the details you need to know.

The actual error was when a user wanted to minimize the app and listen to music, he tried to and it doesn’t work, or he doesn’t see an option in the settings either, he was seeking for a fix now.

This tip may or may not help you but, you can only do it if you have an active (paid) YouTube Red subscription. Perhaps yours expired.

The other thing is that Apple has apparently patched an error in a new ad for the iPhone X that appeared on YouTube.

According to The Verge, the original video – published March 16 (the same day the rival Galaxy S9 went on sale), a student, runs and rolls around her high school unlocking various objects with a glance. At the end of her Face ID jamboree, she receives a text and that’s where Apple’s problem begin.

The text message originally extends below the text bubble. The version you see on YouYube today fixes the issue, with the text bubble encasing the entire conversation.

No perfect clarification has been given to the fact that if the ad used an actual iPhone X to receive the text, or if this was a post-processing editing issue of some sort.

What is clear up until now is that the video text bubbles are now behaving as they should. This encountered a problem with texting using iOS 11. Also read the full PDF proposal here, as Apple submitted new Emoji characters for people with disabilities.

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