YouTube Kids App Merged With Smart TVs Now

You can now update YouTube Kids application on your Samsung, LG, or any other Smart TVs supports 4K or FHD 1080p display. As YouTube was made available to download on Android and iOS back in 2015 followed by a release in India last year. Now, YouTube Kids app for Smart TVs also including Sony.

YouTube app on Smart TVs gives kids a chance to learn Nursery Rhymes, songs, videos, cartoon movies and much more to experience at their home itself. Also YouTube for Kids provides some gameplay as well if their home Smart TV supports gaming console or have a PS4 console with controller.

YouTube Kids App Settles On Smart TVs
In my home my kids can watch their favorite channels in YouTube Kids app as my smartTV is LG 4K SUHD supports YouTube, WebOS via LG content. There’s another set – 2017 Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray Player that have access to the Samsung App Store. Once the firmware updated it will free for children to use YouTube Kids application to catch up all their reign.

YouTube also announced that it will bring Android TV support for the YouTube Kids app, soon. By date, YouTube has acquired 30 billion views and overall draws over 8 million weekly active viewers. Especially for children, YouTube Kids offer a bundle of videos that are exclusive for children.

The app, YouTube for Kids also supports voice search to let them find videos in case they could not spell or type text yet. The app includes huge list of content from popular Indian YouTube creators such as ChuChuTV, KidsTV, Cat & Keet, The Yogic Elephant and many more.

Get set and go right now, YouTube Kids is available on your Smart TVs, update the firmware of your set and experience the real power of YouTube Kids app on your home Smart TVs. Introdusing the newest member of Google family, the YouTube Kids app-available on Google Play and the App Store. For more to learn, here: YouTube.

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