YouTube Mobile Live Streaming Now Open To All, Here Are The Details [Updated]

YouTube is now letting more mobile users live-stream from their handsets in a very easier way, which was the news circulated on the web instantly. All those who are reading this lines comes from the company who said to be dropping a requirement that users have more than 1,000 subscribers. Here’s everything you need to know.

According to the latest report, YouTube is making it pretty easy for users to start live streaming on mobile devices, which was earlier required more than 1,000 subscribers before they “Go Live” via a phone or tablet. Previously, the video company dropped this subscriber-count requirement down to 1000 from 10,000 in April. Today, the same channel is allowing everyone live-stream videos on their mobiles.

The change hasn’t yet been confirmed by YouTube or Google, though, it doesn’t even appear to be showing up for everyone, but likely to roll out over the coming days. At the ongoing Google I/O 2017 event, YouTube announced that it has removed the limitation of having more than 1,000 subscribers in order to live stream from devices.

This year in February, YouTube opened mobile live streaming to all content creators with more than ten thousand subscribers. Later reduced to 1000 subscribers. Now, there’s no limit but you’ll still need to have a verified channel and no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days to qualify to Go Live.

Update X1: A YouTube spokesperson declines the report from Android Police – which states that the option to live-stream with no subscribers isn’t available to everyone right now, but should be rolling out soon. Clarifying this, YouTube person says “We’ve been experimenting and expanding mobile live streaming for almost a year now. However, it is still only available to a relatively small subset of users.” (Via: The Verge)

If anything the report becomes accurate, a new ‘Go Live’ option will appear when you tap the video icon. Stay tuned for more!

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