YouTube Music Is Here: iOS And Android App Now Available To Download

Google has introduced the long-awaited Music app for iOS and Android users. The YouTube Music download is available for free and made it for iOS U.S. users only, letting them discover and stream music from the vast library on YouTube. Music app for Android is as usual be altered on all compatible devices in all regions.

Is it a game changer? Talking about the YouTube’s new Music app. The first and foremost video portal, YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular online collection of moving images. From today onwards, the said YouTube channel becoming the largest streaming msuic service, used by more people than well-known names like Spotify or Apple Music, it comes to consuming songs and albums.


In an attempt to capitalize on its dominance in this Music space, YouTube – a video giant is rolling out new app. The YouTube Music is a free one, and can be used with ad-supported mode, but it nevertheless becomes a lot more powerful and interesting if you pay for a YouTube Red subscription.

Somwhat interesting to take in action is how YouTube has managed to maintain that typical look we’ve all familiar with the fuses it together with a audio music player inerface of sorts. Official YouTube Music app akin to the main video app, continues to play music for your choice no matter where you navigate to within the app, such as the Home tab.

The Home tab is where the YouTube Music app will show all the music that is deemed to be of your interest by analyzing you choices within the application, and even from the main YouTube video app section. The fact that YouTube Music and Google Play Music both exist is a touch confusing. The best way to understand the new Music a is to think of Facebook. YouTube now has its own dedicated app for its three most popular verticals: kids, gaming, and of course music.

YouTube Music can also curate stations split into different genres, so when you want to plug some speaker to your phone at a party, you can do it with confidence. Next time? Ni music experience is complete if you’re not being updated with the latest albums, artists, or tracks that are trending, the YouTube Music app not only cover all this, but at the same time, placed the app’s content ranking based upon analytics from main YouTube site that makes the whole experience that much better.


You can use the app like a standard music service, searching for artists and playing individual songs or albums. Already know by now, Google is offering 90 days worth of free YouTube Red and Google Music service to users who own an Android TV or a Google Cast supported device. you an YouTube Red subscriber, you’re probably wondering what this free music oriented streaming app can do for you. It has licensed the same pool of roughly 30 million audio tracks you would find on its competitors.

Service is also optimized to present a vast collection of additional options — from live concert footage to karaoke tracks with embedded lyrics to instructional videos on how to play that bass line. Doesn’t exist on any other rival music streaming services. YouTube Music is completely free to use, but due its free nature, it shows ads – afterall.

Good news for YouTube Red subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy the whole experience without any ads and will also be able to switch between video and audio modes and much more, further adding worth to the monthly subscription fee being paid for the Red benefits.


Offer: If you are one of those individuals thinking to grab YouTube Music right now, can experience the oft-mentioned paid advantages for free of cost up to 14 days. So what are you waiting for, go get a copy right away!

Reminder: Instead YouTube music creates a daily playlist for you. Search option and listen to any music for free, with ads. Subscribe to YouTube Red, the ads go away and will get power features, like the My Mix playlist is automatically saved for offline playback.

(Download: YouTube Music for iPhone from the App Store)
(Download: YouTube Music for Android from Google Play)

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