YouTube TV iOS App Gets AirPlay Support To Experience The Best

The recently launched Google’s TV subscription service, dubbed YouTube TV launched with apps for Android and iOS, naturally did not include an Apple TV app out of the gate.

Nevertheless, subscribers to the service can now at least get their TV fix via their Apple TV thanks to a new update to iOS app that adds support for AirPlay that enables the use of it.

However, the initial incarnation of the YouTube TV iOS app did not even support the wonders of AirPlay, though, now been rectified as part of the new update which is available to download from the App Store now.

Expect from a replacement for a well thought out native tvOS app, AirPlay does at least allow users to experience their YouTube TV content onto the big screen, even though it does require a little bit of work. AirPlay requires both the Apple TV and the iOS device to be on the same network in order for the magic to happen. Well, while doing so, there are often issues with playback quality of both the audio and video which is being sent across the airwaves. Again, it’s better than doing nothing and with no sign yet that YouTube TV will be live on the Apple TV proper, this is going to have to suffice.

Similar issue also will already be familiar for users of Amazon’s Prime Video service, too, have had to use AirPlay to get their content onto a TV. In any case, said that Apple and Amazon working together to bring an Amazon app to tvOS, with that app potentially to be announced during WWDC next month, June.

YouTube TV on iOS fans may have to wait a bit longer, unfortunately. Stay tuned for more…..!

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